6342 Alla Corte

At our restaurant 6342 Alla Corte, we celebrate a regional specialty that form the foundations of Italian cuisine: pasta . It all starts with flour and eggs, two key ingredients around which a world of recipes that define our nation’s traditions are based on. We are a modern trattoria that proudly uses fresh, seasonal produce that has been sourced in a sustainable manner. By working with authentic recipes synonymous with the famous Venetian Lagoon area, we create delicious homemade pasta dishes that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Come visit us and treat yourself to an unrivalled Italian dining out experience.

6342 A Le Tole

Homemade pasta and pizza, the two foods that represent ‘Made in Italy’ the most. These are the basis of our menu here at the 6342 A Le Tole Restaurant in Venezia, a casual and elegant location where you can discover authentic Italian food. Along with authenticity, quality comes first in our restaurant and we will prove it by showing you every phase of how we cook via our open kitchen. All you have to do is visit and be inspired by our recipes that are always based on fresh products, selected daily. We can’t wait to welcome you!